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Original ADP-65DW Z Laptop AC Adapter for Asus VivoBook S14 S410UN VivoBook S15 S510UN S530UN


Genuine Asus ADP-65DW Z AC Adapter for VivoBook S14 S410UN VivoBook S15 S510UN S530UN

Brand: Asus
Input Voltage: 100V-240V
Power Provided: 65W
Output Voltage: 19V
Output Current : 3.42A
Condition: Brand new
Warranty: One Year
Returns & Refunds: 30-Day Money Back Guarantee


Get an extra genuine Asus ADP-65DW Z adapter for your laptop so you don’t have to lug your AC adapter back and forth between home and the office. This 65W 19V 3.42A ADP-65DW Z power adapter for Asus laptop ensures that you never run out of battery power, no matter where you are.

Key Features of Asus ADP-65DW Z Battery Charger:

  • Reduced risk of overvoltage with minimal power consumption
  • Plug and play and easy to charge as long as there is power
  • 100% brand new ADP-65DW Z PSU(Power Supply Unit) and exclusively assembled with premium components to meet CE standards
  • Tested to adhere to strict quality standards
  • Protection against short circuits and overheating
  • Comes bundled with power cable, no need to buy an extra one

Our commitment to product quality:

  1. Each ADP-65DW Z AC power adapter is made of high-quality materials for longer life.
  2. We use only OEM grade quality components.
  3. Free warranty or replacement within 12 months from the date of purchase.

Where can I purchase this power charger adaptor?

Want to Asus ADP-65DW Z original laptop charger at a cheap price? Now you can get this product in a short time. We send laptop ac adapters to major UK cities and counties, these cities include: London, Birmingham, Leeds, Glasgow, Sheffield, Manchester, Bradford, Liverpool, Edinburgh, Bristol, Southampton, Portsmouth, Wakefield, Cardiff, Coventry, Nottingham, Leicester, Sunderland, Belfast, Newcastle upon Tyne, Brighton.



Q&A with AC Adapter Charger ADP-65DW Z
1. Is this a third-party laptop charger or an original Asus laptop adapter?

All the power adapters on our laptop power supply shop are original, these products are manufactured using high-quality components and they have undergone rigorous safety testing before customers receive them, so please don’t worry about their quality.

2. What are the precautions when using the ADP-65DW Z power adapter/charger?
  • When using your laptop for the first time, use the ADP-65DW Z power supply to fully charge the new battery.
  • It is important to remove the battery when charging is complete, as leaving your laptop plugged in all the time will damage the battery.
  • After use, please store the original ADP-65DW Z PC charger in a cool place away from direct sunlight. The ideal storage temperature is about 20 ℃.

Additional information

Device Type

Power Adapter



Input Voltage




Output Voltage


Output Current


Connector Size

4.0mm x 1.35mm



Cable Included

6feet Power Cord

Manufacturer Part Number



ASUSPRO P2430UA, Q326FA, Transformer Book Flip TP300LD, VivoBook 15 X542UF, VivoBook Flip TP501UQ, VivoBook Q200, VivoBook S14 S410UN, VivoBook S14 S410UQ, VivoBook S15 S510UN, VivoBook S15 S510UQ, VivoBook S15 S530UN, VivoBook S200, VivoBook X202, VivoBook X542UQ, X507UF, ZenBook 13 UX331FAL, ZenBook 13 UX331UN, ZenBook 13 UX334FL, ZenBook 14 UX431FN, ZenBook 14 UX433FA, ZenBook 14 UX433FN, ZenBook 14 UX434FL, ZenBook Edition 30 UX334FL, ZenBook Prime UX32VD, ZenBook U38DT, ZenBook U38N, ZenBook UX21A, ZenBook UX303LA, ZenBook UX303LN, ZenBook UX303UA, ZenBook UX303UB, ZenBook UX31A, ZenBook UX32A, ZenBook UX32VD, ZenBook UX410UQ, ZenBook UX42VS, ZenBook UX430UA, ZenBook UX430UN, ZenBook UX430UQ, ZenBook UX50, ZenBook UX52VS


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